Noble Wine Imports Tasting Friday May 5th

at East End Wines –– 5pm – 8pm

Italian Wine Bike


Villa Rubini Riesling 2013 – 13.57 – Friuli. Quite a bit more fat, still well made. Estate, organic. 20 Km from Slovenia. Mineral. Have used this vintage at East End Wines in the past. Mr. Pietro Rubini founded and became the first President of the Consortium for the protection of wines with a controlled denomination of origin: “Colli Orientali del Friuli”.

Guado al Melo L’Airone Vermentino 2012 – 13.57 – Tuscany. Bright straw yellow color, aromas of white fruit and slightly tropical, like pineapple and passion fruit. The taste is pleasant, fruity and fresh.  Grown on the hills of Bolgheri, alluvial soil, porous, deep and with good pebble-gravel texture. Mediterranean climate refreshed by sea winds, in summer significant temperature range between day and night.

Elio Filippino Barbera d’Alba “Nuela” 2012 – 14.57 – Intense fragrance with hints of ripe fruit. Full, balanced, with a touch of wood on the finish. This is the wine for family dinners. It is excellent with local “bagna cauda” (mixed vegetables with a dip of garlic, oil and anchovies) and meat dishes such as “bollito” (boiled meat and vegetables), it is also a good companion for fully ripe cheeses. The grapes are pressed and the stalks removed: the resulting must ferments at a controlled temperature for 5-7 days. After racking, the new wine is put in stainless steel vats to preserve its fresh fruit characters and then in Slavonian oak barrels until spring. Finally it is bottled, ready for the table.

Maravalle Tenuta Vitalonga Sangiovese Umbria IGT 2012 – 12.97 – This Sangiovese is a young, fruity wine aged in stainless steel vats. This wine smells of red fruits, green herbs, pepper and cinnamon. These are typical characteristics of this grape variety. The Sangiovese is surprisingly fresh, balanced and elegant. The sweet and balanced tannins are the distinguishing features. We love this Sangiovese as a perfect aperitif.

Czech Your Bag – Wines of the Czech Republic

at East End Wines – May 29, 5pm – 8pm

Vino z CzechVino z Czech Riesling 2013 – 18.97 – The Wine: This beautifully colored 2013 Riesling bringsfresh spring flowers and expressive fruit flavors to the palate. Behind them, delicate hints of linden honey, walnuts and spices emerge. 13% alcohol. 1.2 g sugar / L, 5.8 g acid ? L, 800 cases produced.

Vino z Czech Rivaner 2013 – 18.97 – The Wine: Rivaner (also known as Muller-Thurgau) is a cross between a Riesling and Madeleine Royale. This 2013 Rivaner is delicate and harmonious while retaining mouthwatering juiciness. Delicious, complex and easy to drink alone or with appetizers: poultry and cheese. 12% alcohol. 2 g sugar / L, 6 g acid / L, 5660 cases produced.

Vino z Czech Sauvignon Blanc 2013 – 18.97 – The Wine: This 2013 Sauvignon Blanc has a complex aroma of black currant, gooseberries and black elder blossoms. Flavors of yellow apple and tropical fruit finish with meadow honey. This wine pairs well with seafood, chicken, pork, green olives, salads and goat cheese. 13% alcohol. 2.8 g sugar / L, 7.8 g / L, 550 cases produced.

Vino z Czech Cabernet Moravia 2009 – 20.57 – The Wine: Cabernet Moravia has a dark garnet color with aromatic elements of black currant that is typical for Cabernets. Fruitiness and well-structured tannins build complexity through bottle ageing This indigenous grape variety was bred in the late 1970’s by Lubomir Glos in Moravska Nova Ves. He crossed Cabernet Franc with Zweigelt. The new variety became official in 2001. It is now the only Cabernet Moravia available in the U.S. 12.5% alcohol. 3.6 g sugar / L, 5.0 g acid / L, 1250 cases produced.

Free Tasting of French Wines from Alexander Vineyards

5-22-2015 – 5pm – 8pm at East End Wines –

1209 Rosewood Ave., 78702

At Alexander Vineyards we produce wines that are classic expressions of the regions in which they are made. We produce four true Champagnes, five still wines from Bordeaux, and a Riesling from Germany.  In the next two years, we plan on featuring a portfolio of 40-45 wines from around the world.  Plans of growing our own grapes and producing our own Texas wines are in the works.  We believe it’s about the quality of wines produced no matter if the grapes are grown in Texas of half-way around the world.

Alexander Vineyards Riesling 2011 – 18.57 – Bernkastel, Mosel, Germany. Our grapes are grown on the steep slopes of the Middle Mosel region of Germany near the town of Bernkastel.  Classified as a Spätlese, this wine is lean, acidic, and full-bodied with a short finish which makes it the perfect pairing with Asian cuisine, especially Thai. Early harvest in 2011. Extended hang time from early warmth. Expressive.

Bordeaux Wines – Bordeaux, located along the Gironde River in south eastern France, is the largest wine growing region in the country.  It is the only region in France that produces red, white, and sweet wines, and we are proud to showcase all three.

Alexander Vineyards White Graves 2012 – 25.57 – 55% Semillon, 45% Sauvignon Blanc. Spends 8 months on the lees. Food Pairing: scallops, goat cheese, extremely versatile food wine. Complex in character with a nice balance of fruit, spices and floral notes. Lovely conditions. Fleshy and juicy versus raciness of 2011.

Alexander Vineyards Bordeaux Rosé 2013 – 16.57 – 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot. “pressurage direct” method. Food Pairing: turkey, crab, BBQ. Small, but high quality. Cold, hail, rain, rot. Easier to pick reds early and make rosé.

Alexander Vineyards Red Graves 2011 – 30.57 – 55% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon. Ages 12-14 months in new and old French oak barrels. Food Pairing: beef wellington, dark chocolate, gruyere. Complicated. Summer in spring, spring in summer, summer again in fall. Abundant fruit, firm acidity. Good concentration.