Brotherhood Winery Tasting this Friday

Free Tasting with Fleischer Wines – 3-30-12 – 4pm-8pm

Brotherhood – EST. 1839 – America’s Oldest Winery – In 1810, a French Huguenot emigre named Jean Jacques purchased land in New York’s bucolic Hudson Valley and began planting grapes. By 1837, Mr. Jacques needed more land, so he purchased a plot in the quiet village of Washingtonville, NY, and planted another vineyard. By 1839, his first underground cellars were dug and Mr. Jacques fermented his first wine vintage. Those cellars, the oldest and largest in America, are still in use today at Brotherhood Winery.

Brotherhood Riesling 2010 – 12.57 – This noble grape, originally from Germany, found the ideal growing conditions in New York State,particularly the cool rolling slopes of the Finger Lakes area where these Riesling grapes are grown. Cold-fermented to keep the fresh fruit flavors and aromas, it is bottled the Spring after harvest to capture the fruity essence of Riesling. Our most popular wine, this Riesling has delicate aromas of pear, apple and fresh blossoms, and its off-dry character is perfectly balanced by the crisp finish. Full- fruited with rich varietal character, this award- winning wine is a serious effort and yet a real crowd-pleaser. Perfect as an aperitif or with salads, and an excellent accompaniment to any spicy dish, especially Asian foods. Superb with sushi and sashimi.

Brotherhood Pinot Noir 2009 – 15.57 – Best grown in a cooler climate, Pinot Noir is well-suited to many areas of New York State. Sourcing from a variety of growers, including our own Hudson Valley vineyard, helps Brotherhood achieve complexity in the wine, and the warm fermentation and gentle handling of the fruit preserves the delicate character of Pinot Noir. Malolactic fermentation and extended barrel aging soften and round out the wine. Our most popular red wine, this Pinot Noir has a nose of fresh berries and plums, with a hint of violets. Bright fruit flavors of cranberry, cherry and black tea make for a layered wine of medium body, with a true Burgundian character. Pinot Noir is considered the ultimate food wine because it complements everything from salmon to chicken, veal to beef, and pairs perfectly with any dish that features mushrooms. Excellent with cheeses such as Brie, Jarlsberg and aged Cheddar.

Carroll’s Mead – Sweet Honey Wine – 12.97 – In the fall of 2005, a long standing family tradition of making sweet mead crossed to a commercial level. The goal was to create a mead that was lighter in taste and body than most commercially produced meads, and to capture the sweet wine enthusiast as well as to maintain an ancient tradition of making wine from pure honey, water and yeast. Most Mead wines are boiled during fermentation. This excessive heat can change the properties in the honey, yielding a strong, almost scorched flavor, much like that of a dark beer where the barley malt is roasted. After working with honey and levels of alcohol and residual sweetness, it was decided that a lower alcohol mead that was kept cool during fermentation and with a remaining sugar level that was sweet was the perfect wine. And Carroll’s Mead was born. The difference between Carroll’s Mead and other commercially produced meads could be equated to the difference between Eiswein and Oktoberfest!

1209 Rosewood Avenue. 10% off on 4 bottles, 15% off on 12 bottles.

Raymond Tatum’s Three Little Pigs food trailer opens at 5pm,

in the shop’s parking lot.