Free Organic Booze Tasting – Friday 3-16 – 4pm-8pm

TRU ORGANIC LEMON VODKA – 35.57 – TRU is an uncompromising union of nature and craft. We marry organic American wheat, pure water and whole, hand-processed ingredients to produce ideal building blocks for the PERFECT COCKTAIL. We hand-zest 800 lbs of organic lemons grown by local farmers for each small batch. this spirit is bright, vivid and juicy — a great base for sour drinks.  

TRU ORGANIC GIN – 35.57 – Its complex flavors and storied look result from a 16th century technique that pre- dates double distillation and requires a full two months to make. This spirit offers a rare look at gin’s origins and makes for fine sipping and farm-to-glass cocktails.

Liber & Co. Spiced Tonic Syrup – 8oz. – 9.97 – Our Spiced Tonic syrup is uncarbonated, thereby avoiding the “flat” fate of common tonic waters. This grants an additional measure of control to the bartender, as the separation of tonic and soda water allows novel ratios between them to afford greater customization to taste. We use only quality ingredients including real cinchona tree bark, fresh-cut lemongrass and 100% raw agave nectar. No synthetic substitutes like quinine sulphate or high-fructose corn syrup go into our bottles. Most importantly, our Spiced Tonic Syrup provides a unique and delicious experience far beyond typical tonic water. We have spared no expense in crafting our product and we think you’ll agree – it’s the new standard for your gin and tonic.

IXÁ ORGANIC TEQUILA – 40.97 – The ancient Maya believed in magic water and so do we. We make IXÁ with fully matured agave plants and traditional techniques which are becoming increasingly rare — like slow, clay oven steaming, and fermenting & distilling with agave fibers. All this to produce a tequila worthy of the gods. Rich, complex and with the softest finish, IXÁ captures all aspects of the agave plant in harmony.

FRUITLAB ORGANIC HIBISCUS LIQUEUR – 29.57 – FRUITLAB liqueurs add depth and body to cocktails by bringing the flavor of whole fruits, flowers and real cane sugar to your glass. These liqueurs are bright and flavorful by design and contain a third less sugar than most. Its natural red color, floral aroma and tangy finish work perfectly in white-spirit cocktails — like margaritas and mojitos, Also great with sparkling wine.

FRUITLAB ORGANIC ORANGE LIQUEUR – 29.57 – Made with sweet, sour and bitter oranges, this is the perfect organic solution to cocktails that call for orange liqueur. Produced from bitter, sour and sweet oranges with organic sugar cane. Orange combines the familiar aromas and flavors of fresh Valencia and navel oranges, with the haunting scent of Bergamot sour orange. Bright and complex, the Fruit Lab Orange works well in any cocktail requiring orange liqueur, including the margarita and cosmopolitan.