Potential Classes

ClassesPlease vote for classes that you would like by sending me an email with your top three picks to sam@eastendwinesatx.com. At the start of next week I will use the responses to choose the next few regional / non-varietal class themes. Next week on Tuesday the 5th we will have a Cabernet Sauvignon Class for $35 – watch for the Constant Contact email -

Australia Tour


Beach Wines


California Class

Central Otago



Cote de Beaune

Cote de Nuits

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Holiday Wine Buying

Italy Into

Italy North to South

Junk Food Wine Tasting

Mosel, Germany

Most Important Grapes & Regions

Napa versus Bordeaux

Natural – Organic – Biodynamic

New School California

Obscure Grapes

Old School California

Orange Wines

Order in a Restaurant


Pizza and Wine

Port and Chocolate

Rioja versus Ribera del Duero



Somm Faves

South Africa

Spain and Portugal Classic Wines

Starting a Collection

Taste Like a Sommelier



Wine Pairing

Women Winemakers

Corkage Policy –

          The East End Wines Corkage Policy is to charge $7 to open a 750ml bottle of wine on the premises. We will charge less for smaller bottles ($3.50 for 375ml, $1.75 for a 187ml split). As this is based on our true retail pricing, we feel this is one of the best deals in town. The corkage goes to cover the consulting, fees, extra insurance, building of the patio, hiring of staff, breakage and “shrink” of glassware, ice buckets, and ice that we provide to people who are using the corkage fee to drink wine on our premises, the entirety of which are covered by our Texas Winery License. This makes it a true On Premise / Off Premise license, so that you are able to legally buy anything in the store and drink it here, and take anything that you do not finish with you. It also precludes the consumption of a few things that are not available to be purchased from East End Wines, as beer and liquor would not be covered by the license that we have, and thus cannot be consumed anywhere on our premises.

          As a quick example, using one of our least expensive bottles of wine, that sees our standard markup – Famega Vinho Verde 2012 – 6.97, +7 for corkage, with 1.15 tax = $15.12 for 4 6 oz. glasses of wine. This is an extreme instance, where the corkage is more than the retail price of the wine. That being said, the glass price comes to $3.78, where the least I would expect to find it elsewhere, by the glass, would be $4.75, and probably not for a 6 oz pour, but a five ounce pour. (Restaurant in Minneapolis – 6 gl, 22 btl, Morrisville, Vermont – 6 gl, 24 btl, San Francisco – 9gl).

          As the retail price of the wine that you pay corkage for goes up, the deal gets better, and we feel that it is very fair at the rate that we have it set currently. Please come and avail yourselves of this great deal and try the wines in the shop, at the shop, with food from Three Little Pigs, on the delightful patio.

Book Signing during the Wine Tasting –

Paul Fontaine“The fabulous Fontaine Sisters, Claudia and Paula, will be hosting a book signing of the art/bio book that they’ve written about their, artist father, Paul Fontaine.
Paul Fontaine was an  American and expatriate abstract expressionist painter 1913-1996. The Fontaine Gallery was founded in 1999 to share with the world the immense richness and depth that Paul Fontaine expressed through his painting that spanned three countries: United States, Germany and Mexico and almost the entire 20th century.
The unique approach to the story is by lessons learned from Father to daughter. Each short chapter is a lesson with lots of humor. It’s a must read, quick and easy.
The subsequent 3 chapters are written by 3 art historians about Mr. Fontaine’s place in history.
The book is beautifully designed, Lewis Carnegie, Austin and the photography by David Weaver, Austin, of the paintings are breathtaking.
We would suggest, without hesitation, that  this work of art be on your coffee table or as a gift to someone special.”    Katie Robinson Edwards,
             Umlauf Gardens