Different Types of Gun Safes you can use at your Restaurant for Security Purpose

Before you learn about how many types of gun safes are there in the market, let’s get a brief description of what exactly a gun safe is? It is a safe and armored storage container for one or more firearms since it is the responsibility of a firearm holder to use it sensibly and to keep it safe. Reasons being to protect it from theft, destruction by any environmental conditions and unauthorized use.

Invest in a gun safe to get definite protection and you would never regret. So, here are some different types of gun safes you can consider when in need of one.

#1. Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes are considered as one the most secure gun safes in recent times. To open it, you need to place your hand on the scanner and it will read your fingerprints. It only opens if you are an authorized user. It is next to impossible for any invader to open the biometric safe because the probability of two people having same fingerprints is almost zero.

#2. Electronic Lock Gun Safe

The gun safe’s locking system is operated using a keypad, sometimes combined with a small screen. The owner has to enter a particular security code to open it. You can easily reprogram it if you have a feeling or you are sure that someone else has found your security code.

#3. Wheel and Pin Combination Safe

These are a kind of traditional safes with a wheel, you need to turn it to identify three numbers which are the passcode for access. High-end gun safes of this type are impervious to fire and any other natural disaster. But having this kind of safe comes with a major downside that there are chances of the wheel to skip an appropriate number if the passcode contains numbers that are close together.

Wheel and Pin Combination Safe

#4. Key Lock Gun Safe

This kind of gun safe comes with a locking system that uses the conventional lock and key. The system may be reliable, but just in case you lost the key, the safe becomes an easy target for an unauthorized access. If something happens like this, immediately call your locksmith and ask for a new lock and key set.

#5. Multiple Lock Gun Safe

Multiple lock gun safe provides you two types of locking systems. The model allows you to use one system at a time, or both of them simultaneously, that totally depends on your security needs. Biometric and the keypad system are the two examples of locks that are usually used in this way.

#6. Fireproof Gun Safes

Most of the safes are made of steel that means they need a massive amount of heat to melt. But incidents like house fires can make a hole in your safe and can destroy the valuables. In fact, water is also a harmful element for the firearms. Thus, your weapons would only remain secure if you store them in a waterproof safe. Due to reasons, we would recommend you to use the best gun safes that are fireproof and waterproof.

Fireproof Gun Safes