Austin American Statesman: Toast to the East full article

The shop’s inventory is like a restaurant wine list compiled by an obsessive savant, peppered with labels you’ve never heard of and some you’ve heard about in breathless conversations with wine people – Mike Sutter, Austin American Statesman

Daily Texan: Pair Shares Store, Love of Wine full article

Since its opening in April, East End Wines has drawn customers ranging from collectors and connoisseurs to hobbyists looking to rise above the Franzia. – Abby Johnston, Daily Texan

Austin Chronicle: Terrific Food and Inspired Wine Off East 11th full article

East End Wines is chock-full of obscure bottles just waiting to inspire anyone who loves wine. – Wes Marshall, Austin Chronicle

When In Austin: East End Wines: Personal and Laid Back full audio

The coolest thing is Matt and Sam have personally tasted and selected each bottle on the shelves. – Terry Grier, When in Austin

Jewell Winter 2011: East End Wines

Whether you’re looking for the perfect wine to match your favorite pasta dish, serve at a small dinner party or offer at your wedding reception, chances are you can find it among the 800 labels sold at East End Wines. – Amira Jensen, Jewell Magazine

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The Austin Chronicle Restaurant Poll 2011 Critics Pics List

Best Potential Juxtaposition of Swine and Wine

The Triangle Formed by Rosewood and East 11th

This tract houses both bijou wine shop East End Wines and longtime Austin chef Raymond Tatum’s 3 Little Pigs trailer serving delectable pork cheeks, sliders, and meat loaf. It’s an inspired juxtaposition, and once the little matter of permits gets worked out, patrons can enjoy the fruits of both establishments together on the premises. – MM Pack


Place To Discover Affordable Old World Wines

East End Wines

– Wes Marshall