Undurraga’s Chilean Wines, plus a new Cider – Friday 4pm-8pm

QuerryChuck Weintraub Tasting – East End Wines – August 30 – 4pm-8pm

Undurraga’s Chilean Wines, plus a new Cider

Bonny Doon Querry Cider – 14.57 – This hard sparkling cider is composed of 51% Apples, 40% Pears, and 9% Quince. Made by méthode ancestrale, with fermentation in the bottle, it is crisp in acidity and quite dry. “Query: What might a blend of apple, pear, and quince taste like as a hard cider? Result (not surprisingly): The ethereal suggestion of pineapple quince; the pungent, heady, dusky perfume of pear; and the earthy succulence of apple. I never thought I’d see… a pome as lovely as Querry.”

Undurraga Aliwen Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2012 – 11.97 – Curico Valley. Its nervy, spice-accented lime and green apple aromas and flavors pick up weight with air, suggesting that it will pair equally well with light or full-flavored foods. Some grapefruit, and a bit more tropical fruit, white peach. Juicy acidity. Won Gold at the 2013 Sommelier Wine Awards in the UK. Bone dry.

Undurraga Merlot 2010 – 9.57 – Central Valley. Medium bodied, versatile for food pairings. A special price for the vintage close-out as the wine moves to a different distributor. Fruity, with soft & mature tannins. You could make a nice Sangria, at this price. This modern line of Undurraga wines is notable for its youth and enthusiasm. The versatility and friendly structure of these wines make them perfect daily companions. Strength and vitality at the service of everyday life.

Undurraga Sibaris Carménère Reserva 2011 – 15.57 – Central Valley, Rapel. Red and black fruit aromas, with smoky, spicy, herbal notes adding complexity. The aromas carry through on the full-bodied palate, with silky fine tannins adding superb structure and balance. Aromas of red cherry, strawberry, dried leaves, roasted red pepper and white pepper, spices. Ripe and weighty. Sibaris was the legendary city of the Sybarites, today known as Bon Vivants. It is for these sophisticated spirits who regard life as one long search for pleasure that Undurraga has created this extraordinary Gran Reserva wine.

Undurraga Aliwen Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 – 11.97 – A young, uncomplicated wine for authentic, connected people who love exploring, Aliwen Reserva is a wine for every day. Pretty easy drinking and ripe for their Reserva line, rich, berry flavored, balanced. Spice & oak, sweet tannins, pretty lengthy finish.