Free Puglian Wine Tasting at East End Wines – w/ Alvaro Palacios of DeVino Friday September 14 – 4pm – 8pm – 1209 Rosewood Ave., ATX

Vigne e Vini focus on native (indigenous) grapes from Puglia as Negroamaro and Primitivo.

Vigne & Vini Moi Verdecca del Salento IGT, Puglia 2009 – 15.97 – Pleasant to the eye. Very fragrant. Rich version of the Puglian white. There is a nice forest & fresh jasmine and white rose floral note to the nose, and almond, melon and white tree fruit on the palate. The savory note goes to light spice for me on the finish. Crisp acidity. “At the sight it presents a yellow color with hints of green, very transparent. The nose shows intense floral scents and delicate fruity notes of citrus. The palate is savory, long and decisively fresh with the perfect body. The finish is persistent and reminiscent of almonds and apples. It matches perfectly with prawns and linguine clam.”

Vigne & Vini  Moi Negroamaro del Salento IGT Rosado 2011 – 13.57 – Negroamaro grapes, skin contact, used to be more astringent. Juicy & bright. Clean. Slightly reductive (A tad of Hydrogen sulfide, H2S, but no mercaptans, so there is a little popcorn / smoke note that dissipates) with raspberry and mineral most apparent on the nose. Some skin tannins. Brambly fruit. Cool. Light spice on the finish. More nerding – the reduction in the nose comes from there being very little exposure to oxygen in the wine making process, which can lead to some funky aromas – in this instance it is very light & “blows off” with exposure to oxygen.

Vigne & Vini  “12e Mezzo” Negroamaro Salento Rosso Igp 2010 – 14.57 – “12 & ½” refers to the alcohol level. No Malvasia used in the blend anymore – Large French oak barrels for aging. Juicy & round. Fresh red berry fruit aromas, some fresh herb & tobacco notes. Sweeter, darker black fruit. Skin tannins giving grip, a bit of drying, but overall the mouth feel is pretty soft and velvety. Medium bodied, with a bit of oak spice & vanilla on the finish.

Vigne & Vini Schiaccianoci Negroamaro, Salento 09 – 15.97 – 15% Malvasia Nera. Nutcracker – deep color and concentration, bold nose with spice, fruitcake, and tobacco leaf, supple leather. Smooth, ripe palate, with a bit of bitter mineral almond to finish, tightening it back up. Ages well and has the darker spice and pepper notes come to the fore. Great with aged, harder cheeses like Pecorino, or rich braised meat dishes. “Ruby-red colored wine with a decisive rich structure, extracted from typical grapes of Salento such as Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera. Intense fragrance of ripe fruit, oak and spices, well balanced and smooth taste with a final of mature carob. A wine which matches perfectly with all dishes that accompany grilled meats.”