Meridian Hive Meadery Tasting

at East End Wines – 2-6-2015 –


5p-8p. Three Little Pigs opens at 5p as well.

Meridian Hive Discovery – 500 ML – 6.57 – Discovery is our traditional hydromel. Clean, orange blossom honey aroma, a slightly sweet, yet delicate flavor, a medium-light body, and a crisp finish. The overall impression is somewhere between a white table wine, and a saké. lb4lb (2556) – Austin, Texas, USA – JUN 29, 2014 – “Fruity orange honey smell. Taste is similar light light carbonation. Taste is fruity orange apple. Tasty bright pear. I like it.” Petillant, semi-sweet, hydromel made with orange blossom honey.

Meridian Hive Frontier – 500 ML – 6.97 – Frontier is our dry-hopped session mead. It carries the aromas of tangerine and passion fruit, with notes of pineapple, citrus, and bubble gum. Petillant, with a medium-light body, and a well-rounded, balanced finish. Just enough honey sweetness to balance the hop flavor, without hop bitterness found in beer. Errl (1796) – Plano, Texas, USA – APR 3, 2014 – “Growler. Pour is off clear with bubbles.Nose is nice fruit hops, honey, floral earth, spring water, some sweetness.Taste is dry, perfect sweetness, earth, cucumber, white grape.”

Meridian Hive Haven – 500 ML – 8.97 – Haven is our peach/ginger session mead. Luscious peach with a velvety texture, and just enough ginger and honey sweetness to balance, providing a crisp finish. kidmartinek (3741) – Austin, Texas, USA – OCT 20, 2014 – “Hazy golden color. Floral aroma like lavender and heather. Tastes like heather and honey. Yeah …it’s good.”

Texas Wine Tasting – Valley Mills Vineyards & Solaro Estate Winery

January 30th, 5pm – 8pm – East End Wines –

 Valley Mills

Valley Mills Vineyards: 2012 Vermentino – 21.97 – Tasting notes: Crisp, dry, single vineyard white wine from the High Plains AVA. Notes of lemon and pineapple on the nose. This wine has all the Vermentino hallmarks of bright acidity, citrus leaf aromas and mineral notes with a clean and refreshing finish.

 Valley Mills Vineyards: 2011 G.S.L. – 24.57 – Tasting Notes: Grenache 10%, Syrah 58%, Lenoir 32%. Estate grown excepting the Lenoir. Strong aroma of clove as well as some cinnamon and leather. Red raspberries and vanilla on the palate. The aromas are of chocolate, dark caramel, toast and hints of spice. There is a rich, dark fruit palate of plums, blackberry and dark cherry with a hint of sage on the finish. Pairs well with pork tenderloin…

 Solaro Estate

Solaro Estate Winery: 2012 Montepulciano – 40.97Tasting Notes: Estate grown, single vineyard. Aged in American oak. Bourbon and caramel on the nose, very light-bodied, raspberry and rhubarb on the finish. Wine Trail Traveler – translucent ruby color with a dark pink hue that offered floral, cherry and raspberry notes. The wine had medium tannins and medium-body with high acidity. The wine was 12% alcohol and retails for $44.

 Solaro Estate Winery: 2012 Cabernet Franc / Merlot – 29.57 – Tasting Notes: Aged in French oak barrels for 24 months. High Plains fruit. Plum and prune flavors are prominent. Pairs nicely with a grilled steak.

Free Tasting – Friday – January 23, 5p-8p

Chameleon Tasting – Italy – East End Wines – January 23, 5p-8p –


Colle Moro PPT Passerina – 14.57 – Passe Par Tout, Spumante Brut – 100% Passerina. Clear floral fragrance with pleasant citrus hints. Fresh and fruity. Dry palate of honeysuckle and yellow fruits; soft perlage and delicate finish. Complementing well any type of appetizer, white meats, fish plates and Parmesan cheese.

Colle Moro Cerasuolo 2012 – 10.57 – Dry, cherry fruit, pretty… Lots of fruit and juicy acidity. Refreshing. Bright strawberry fruit and clean spice. A style of wine that we love, from the hills of Guastameroli di Frisa, founded in 1961. Great clean fruit, dusty & light tannins/ tangy, pie cherry, red fruited, minerality coming through. A fruity rosé that’s unoaked to emphasize the fresh, red, berried aromas. Dry and fresh and a great wine to pair with hors d’oeuvres–especially fish-based starters.

Colle Moro Club Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2012 – 9.97 – A delicately fruited red wine from Abruzzo. New vintage. Spice and earth predominate on the nose (interesting, given that it is unoaked). Also getting big ripe fruit and warm finish. Modest tannins, low acidity, and red fruit on the palate. Great value. Bouquet: Delicately vinous, fruity with hints of ripe red fruit. Taste: Dry, rounded, tangy, and slightly tannic. Food matches: It matches white and red meat roasts, pasta with a meat sauce, steaks, hard cheeses.

Elisabetta Aulo 2009 – 17.97 – Sangiovese, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Dropped price. Destemmed and pressed, then fermented in large wooden barrels for 15 days The scents, on first impact, are floral with agreeable scents of ripe fruits like blackberries and raspberries. The dark earth becomes more apparent on the second whiff, and the palate confirms. On the palate there is an agreeable sensation of delicacy that seems to be nearly sweet. On the finish, the joviality of the wine expresses the well balanced and well-bodied acidity.