French Wines with Esprit du Vin – Friday October 10, 5p-8p

Esprit du Vin

Trimbach Pinot Blanc 2012 – 15.97 – Pinot Blanc & Pinot Auxerrois. Rich & concentrated aromas, with white flower & apricot notes. Smooth, medium-bodied with good fruit acidity. The two grapes are fermented separately in temperature-controlled stainless steel & concrete vats & do not undergo the secondary malolactic fermentation. The wines are released after two years of cellar aging, when they have a perfect balanced of fruit & acidity. An old favorite, bright, clean, refined.

Lamargue Les Grandes Cabanes Rosé 2013 – 12.57 – Complex black currant & raspberry aromas. Dry, refreshing & nicely balanced. This rosé is obtained by “saignée” or bleeding of the red varieties, Syrah & Grenache, with 6 to 12 hours of skin contact to extract color. Fermentation is at controlled temperatures for approximately 15 days. Six weeks of lees aging gives the wine its roundness & length.

Mas de La Dame Rose 2013 – 17.57 – Fresh strawberries, peaches, & roses with light exotic notes. Subtle flavors of fresh berries & fennel with a flowery finish. Skin contact for 4-8 hours before the juice is bled out of the tank into the fermentation tanks. No malolactic fermentation. This elegant Rosé matures on its lees with each varietal kept separate. Blending then takes place followed by a gentle fining with egg whites. To ensure freshness, bottling takes place in January.

Cote Mas Estate Cremant Brut Rose NV – 15.97 – Refined scents of honeysuckle, peach & apricot. A soft mouthfeel of grapefruit & a hint of blood orange. After primary fermentation, “Liqueur de Tirage”, a blend of sugar & yeast, is added to the juice a few hours before bottling. A second fermentation then takes place in the bottle, which lasts about 3 weeks. After one year of ageing “sur pointe”, the bottles are chilled (to freeze the lees) & opened. The lees are expelled & the “Liqueur de Dosage” is added. The bottle is then sealed & released after twelve months of ageing.

South America Tasting with MexCor – Friday, October 3rd, 5pm-8pm.

$7 corkage fee opens any 750 ml wine bottle. Three Little Pigs is open at 5pm!


Vina Requingua Puerto Viejo Sauvignon Blanc, Curico Valley, Chile 2012 – 9.57 – Hand picking, with double selection in vineyard, in the first week of March.Cool temperate climate with a Mediterranean rainfall regime, moderately warm summers (influence of the Andes) and very rainy winters. Shallow alluvial soils of sandy loam, brownish-gray, rocky; subsoil composed of boulders and rounded rocks in sandy matrix. Intense nose of gooseberry, fresh hay, asparagus and apple. Elegant with pleasant acidity and a long finish.We blasted through a vast amount of this.

Uma Coleccion Shiraz 2013 – 9.97 – Grapes are gently crushed. Traditional fermentation and maceration, with selected yeasts. The process was carried out at a controlled temperature to preserve the wine’s color and aroma potential. Reminiscent notes of ripe blackberries, blackcurrants and plums, with delicate spicy notes. Smooth attack. Aroma notes are recognizable in the palate. Rich, concentrated and full-bodied. Ripe tannins and lingering finish.Another perennial favorite, great at $10.

Uma Coleccion Malbec 2013 – 11.97 – Grapes are gently crushed and traditionally fermented for 7 days, with daily pumping over. 30% of the wine is aged in American oak, while the remaining 70% is left evolving in epoxy-covered concrete pools. Both wines are blended in the pool. Concentrated notes of ripe plums, blackberries and blueberries. Smooth entry. Aroma notes are recognizable in the palate. Well-balanced wine with velvety tannins.This is another wine from Uma that we have stacked…

Santa Alicia Anke Blend 1 – 2011 – 9.97 – Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot blend. Herby, with dried red fruit on the nose. Brilliant and deep ruby red color, with violet tones. Very intense, with tropical characteristic of ripe red fruit and tones of oak. Good structure and concentration, with round tannins, even though the wine is young. Great balance and progression from the fruit on the front through the tempering oak on the finish, and plenty of grape tannins to work with. New! Fun!

Free Friday Tasting – 5pm – 8pm September 26th

With Greg Willis – of Ensemble Beverages, through Favorite Brands

Three Little Pigs opens at 5pm. $7 corkage to open any 750ml bottle.

Lenz Moser Gruner Veltliner 2012 – 1L – 11.57 – Small quantity but excellent quality. Weather performance & harvest conditions 2012: Similar to 2011: little rain, long dry periods, healthy grapes. Problem: Late Frost in Lower Austria in May 2012. Caused shortfall in this region Early start of harvest (30th August). Characteristic of the wine: Nice acidity & good ripeness, Well-balanced and full-flavored. Cooler nights in September brought impressive white wine qualities. Peppery, spicy with a nice fruit. Light, fine spicy notes with fruity hints. Lively, pleasant finish. Fresh, spicy style with delicate peppery notes. Lovely body with dry aftertaste.

Lioco Chard – NoCo 2011 – 15.57 – From the proprietors of Sonoma’s Lioco winery, NoCo is an abreviation for “North Coast” and features wines grown in the “other” AVAs surrounding Sonoma County. This Chardonnay was fermented in 100% stainless steel on wild yeasts and was allowed to complete a slow, natural malolactic fermentation on its lees in the tank over the course of six months. Aromas of pear, citrus, and wet stone introduce a minerally palate of lemon zest and peach pit. The cool 2011 vintage is well on display in this aromatic and nervy Chardonnay.

Mt. Beautiful Sauvignon Blanc 2013 – 19.97 – The Sauvignon Blanc pushes the boundaries of the typical New Zealand flavor profile. By highlighting decadent tropical flavors, toning down the grassiness and bringing a creamy mid-palate all the way through to a crisp finish with bright minerality, we have set a new precedence for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Clean, healthy, and ripe Sauvignon Blanc was harvested at the beginning of the second week of April, which was a little earlier than average. The wine was fermented with a variety of neutral and aromatic yeasts. Separate components were aged on lees for 6 months prior to blending and bottling.

Coupe Roses Bastide 2011 – 14.57 – There are no additives to the wine & minimal intervention in the winemaking process.   The 2011 Chateau Coupe Roses Minervois La Bastide is a blend of predominantly Carignan & Grenache with a tad of Syrah. Pours a deep ruby color in the glass with aromas of must & rich berries.  The palate is earthy & there are layers of tar, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, & black pepper with floral nuances.  Somewhat reminiscent of a Bordeaux…earthy & delicious!